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Sila e Mohabbat Drama Cast Real Name And Pics | Sila e Mohabbat is a beautiful and a wonderful drama on Hum TV that is being aired on Pakistan's famous family channel Hum TV in 2021.

The cast of this drama is a lovely cast that plays a vital role in the success of this drama. The story of hum tv drama Sila e Mohabbat is full of romance, emotions, and suspense. The story of the Sila e Mohabbat drama revolves around a young and beautiful girl named Alizay.

Hum TV has launched many new dramas in 2021 which the viewers very much like. These dramas include 'Ishq e Laa, Sang e Mah & Mere Apne.'

The whole cast of Sila e Mohabbat Drama and all their information about their real names and pictures are provided below. The lead cast of Sila e Mohabbat includes Noor Hassan, Momina Iqbal, and Rubab Hashim.

Sila e Mohabbat Drama Cast

Rubab Hashim, Noor Hassan, and Momina Iqbal are in the main cast of this drama, one of the best cast. The audience is getting a lot of interest in this drama. Hopefully, this Hum TV drama will be a success.

Producer : Momina Duraid

Director : Adeel Siddique

Writer : Nadia Ahmed

Full Cast

  • Momina Iqbal
  • Noor Hassan
  • Rabab Hashim
  • Arslan Asad Butt
  • Agha Mustafa Hasan
  • Waseem Abbas
  • Ali Safina
  • Farhan Ali Agha
  • Waseem Abbas
  • Shaheen Khan
  • Ayesha Mirza

Momina Iqbal 

Momina Iqbal is playing a role in the role of Raniya in the show Sila e Mohabbat. Raniya is the custodian of Shahmeer and Tabraiz. The family of Tabraiz and Shahmeer arranged for her marriage with Shahmeer. Following the marriage to Shahmeer as well as Raniya, Shahmeer died, and their family compelled Tabraiz to get married to Raniya. Momina Iqbal is a famous and beautiful actress. She gained more fame from her smash television show "Ehd e Wafa" with famous Pakistani actor Ahmed Ali Akbar. She's 28 years old and lives in Karachi with her family. She has not yet got married.

Momina Iqbal

Noor Hassan

Noor Hassan is a famous & telented actor from the field of drama. He plays the character of Tabraiz. Tabriz is a famous professor who is much loved by his students. He has a love for her student Alizay. His family pressured Tabraiz to get married to his sister Raniya. Noor Hassan is now 35 years young. He began the acting profession in the year 2010 and was in numerous dramas. His previous dramas include  "Ahl e Wafa" and "Benam." 

Noor Hassan

Rubab Hashim

Rabab Hashimis an accomplished Pakistani model and actress. She is playing the lead role of Alizay in this drama Sila e Mohabbat. Alizay is a girl in her early teens that is part of an upper-middle class family. Rabab Hashim is 29 years old. She got married in the last year 2020. She began the acting profession in the year 2012 in her drama series "Na Kaho Tum Mere Nhe". She had worked with Muneeb Butt in her previous drama. The name of this drama is 'Qarar'.

Rubab Hashim

Arslan Asad Butt

Arslan Asad Butt has in the character of Ahmer the cousin of Alizay. Ahmer would like to get married Alizay however, her sister isn't in this one. Arslan Asad Butt's latest show was Chupke Chupke and Ayeza Khan.

Arslan Asad Butt

Agha Mustafa Hasan

Agha Mustafa Hasan plays an antagonistic role as Shahmeer. Shahmeer is brother to Tabraiz and is selfish.

Agha Mustafa

Ali Safina

In this drama, Ali is playing the role of Raheel who is the role of Aliza's elder brother۔ Ali Safina is a gifted actor. His most recent show was Chupke Chupke together with Ayeza Khan.

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